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Unlike many resources, which seek mainly to extract moral lessons from a handful of Bible stories, Generations of Grace is a biblically based, comprehensive curriculum that seeks to magnify God by unfolding His word. Hence, children learn more than moral principles; they learn to understand the person of God and His redemptive plan, as well as what these truths practically mean for their lives.


Generations of Grace is also a unified curriculum. Each Sunday, children in all classes learn from the same passages of Scripture using material designed for their specific age group. Over the course of three years, they will make their way through the Pentateuch, the historical books of the Old Testament, the life of Christ as revealed in the Gospel of Matthew, the Book of Acts, and the Book of Revelation. Afterwards, the process starts again, this time at a more advanced level than before. The idea is to give children an age appropriate, comprehensive overview of the Bible that gets more in-depth as the child gets older.

In keeping with our biblical philosophy concerning children’s ministry, Generations of Grace curriculum contains resources for parents, including suggested Bible readings, questions, and practical application suggestions that coincide with each week’s lesson. These resources serve as tools parents can use as they help their children think through and apply the truths they are learning each Lord's Day. Moreover, because everyone learns from the same passages of scripture at the same time, parents with multiple children can more easily focus on these truths with the entire family.


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