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Most parents want the best for their children and they go to great lengths to see that they are well cared for and protected from the evils in this world. However, in doing so, many parents neglect a child’s most serious need.


The Bible teaches that kids enter the world with a built-in proclivity toward sin and that they are an offense to a holy and righteous God (Psalm 51:3-5). Because of this, they are, by nature, subject to both the temporal and eternal consequences that sin brings about (Ephesians 2:3). Thus, your child’s greatest need isn’t to be protected from the evil outside, but to be saved from the evil that is already inside his or her heart, the evil that creates enmity with God.


By grace, God has provided a remedy for this evil in the Savior Jesus Christ (Luke 5:32; 1 Timothy 1:15). By trusting in Him, sinners are credited with His righteousness and become God’s adopted children. Further, by cultivating this relationship through worship and discipleship, believers learn to increasingly put away sin and to live in a way that honors God.

At Calvary Bible Church (CBC), we take every child’s need to trust and grow in Christ seriously. With this in mind we have developed our Calvary Kids ministry. Anchored in the Word of God, Calvary Kids comes alongside parents to help instruct, challenge, and encourage young people with practical, biblical wisdom. It is our desire to see God graciously bring children to a saving faith and then continually draw them closer to Himself. Through the sharing of the gospel and sound, biblical instruction, we seek to be one of the means God uses for this purpose.

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